Smart blinkers for urban commuters. Ride safer!

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ticc* cares about you

Light up your helmet day and night & increase your visibility
Indicate your moves to the other drivers to avoid accidents
Stay in control: don’t take your hands off the handlebars!
It fits your favorite helmet, no adaptor needed

Key points


Ticc* uses first-class, game-changing technology to ensure the safety of urban riders. Blinkers are equipped with movement sensors to activate the indicator lights when you move right, left or you just brake. ticc* is also equipped with speakers that run when the blinkers are on.


In crowded cities like Barcelona, the council estimates an average of 900 yearly accidents involving bikes and e-scooters. With the warning flashing lights, ticc* ensures your safety and the safety of others, alerting other vehicles of your next moves with just a slight head's movement.

Eco friendly

Because we care about our planet, Ticc* promotes bikes and electric scooters for a new green urban mobility. But from now on, we want to go further in our compromise for sustainability by using recycled plastic and biodegradable materials in Ticc*'s case.


Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Ticc* is the brand-new way to ride: one that's safer and cooler. A flawless device that provides functionality and aesthetics in equal measure, guaranteeing a great user experience. It's a cool device to nail your look.


We are launching on Kickstarter!

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Our team


Jordi Planas


Bàrbara Montoto


Sergi Paez

Product design

Born and raised in Barcelona, we strongly believe that sustainable mobility is the only way to build smart cities. We aim to encourage all urban riders to travel more safely on the streets. Our goal is to shake up urban mobility and boost the eco-cities movement.

We are a group of friends with different academic and professional background, that brainstormed and worked together to create a brand-new way to bike, skate or scoot. No matter what transport you choose: add blinkers to your helmet, and ride safe and free!

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